Monday, September 29, 2008

Fun Weekend

So last week was so much fun. Aimee came into town Tuesday night from San Antonio and it was so fun seeing and hanging out with her. I picked her up and on the way home I got pulled over by this freakin mean cop who was not messing around. And No I was not speeding, I'm definately going to fight this one. The first couple days were kinda slow unfortunately because I was in school but when Friday rolled around it was time to start having fun. On the drive there, I was super cautious about cops because I was scared. And guess what...I get pulled over for going over the line for like a second. I automatically started crying because I'm a baby and he had mercy on me. He actaully asked me if "I was always this emotional?" Awesome. He said that since my plates are from Arizona they pull people over for the stupidest things because of the drugs going through all the time. When we finally made it to San Antonio we went to this super nice outside mall that was right next to 6 Flags and we were able to see the roller coasters and stuff from the mall. It was so relaxing to just walk around and chat while not spending too much money...We came back kinda early and went to see Eagle Eye with Phil and unfortunately it broke so we had to see the Women :) poor Phil. On Saturday we slept in for a bit and headed off to Mustang Island right next to the Padre Islands. That was so much fun the water was perfect, except I didnt go that far out because I'm afraid of sharks and there was no one to protect me. I got a little burned while studying for a test on Monday but it was still way fun. We didn't get too lost on the way back and watched The Love Guru while eating homemade pizza when we got home. We dropped Aimee at the airport after church on Sunday and had a nice relaxing night watching Extreme Home Makeover. It was so fun to have company and are always open for whoever wants to come on out!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

News on the Hurricane

Well for all of you who are wondering about the hurricane we made it through...barely! Im just kidding, there was absolutely no storm whatsoever to hit Beeville. We didn't get an ounce of rain but just a slight breeze Saturday and so far Sunday. All of the college students were freakin out and getting my hopes high that it was going to be an exciting weekend so I must say I am a little disappointed. But I guess its a good thing, I saw all the damage on the news in Houstan and we want to thank those who prayed for us to stay protected and safe during the weekend. We love and appreciate you!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sorry the video is dark looking I don't really know how to fix it. But we have really enjoyed living here so far, we're meeting some new friends and trying to be sociable (its just not the same without Beech and Alexis). We are getting ourselves ready for the upcoming hurricane, Ike. There have been lots of people going to San Antonio, but also lots of people that are staying and going to ride out the storm. We are a couple of those people. We just asked ourselves What would Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild do? And came to the conclusion that he would stay so we are too. Its not suppose to be that bad here in Beeville just cause its going more north towards Houstan, but we'll see. We got a cooler with extra ice, our waterbottles ready and some flashlights with new batteries just in case the power goes out. We'll keep you guys posted and if the hurricane really messes things up, I'll post a before and after shot of the town. I hope you enjoy the videos, if I knew Phil was going to turn the video around at us I would have put some makeup on and made my face a little less you

Beeville Part 1


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So my wife was being a "blog hog" and I wanted to add my two sense. First off, this is a great place to talk smack, shall we begin? USC on saturday is going to KILL ohio state suckeyes. I had to just get it out because michigan hasn't been able to do it for the last few years. Second, this hurricane in texas is causing me some serious grief. If the power goes out, the steaks in our freezer could go bad. Not good. And if the towers get blown over by 190 mph winds, I will not be able to witness Jim Trussells defeat. Other than that, good day to all.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beeville Texas

So its been a while since my last post, as usual. Since I wrote last we had just moved from Albuturkey. It was so nice to hang out in Arizona for a little over a week. Its nice to see family every once and a while. After Arizona we made the trek to Beeville and 15 hours later we were in front of Imperial Apartments. I couldn't believe how flippin hot it is here. After spending a good half hour bringing boxes up to the second floor I realized I had thousands more sweat glands I never knew about. It was a little disgusting. But we have moved all our stuff in and it is looking a little more homey. It was also so nice that Dad was able to come and drive so far to bring us our stuff. We ordered a pizza and went and saw a Vin Diesel movie. It was great getting to hangout with him again til next time in November. Phil started school last week so he's basically a pro now, but for my last weekend before my school started we went to San Antonio on Labor Day aka Phil's birthday. San Antonio is so cool!! Of all the cities I've lived in since the 6 months Ive been married. Texas is by far the most interesting. In San Antonio we went to the mall and found Phil some shirts for school and then went to his favorite place for lunch (Chipotle) and then went to Phil's very first IMAX movie, which was a 3D mummy movie. While we waited for the movie we went along the river walk and found a kinda New Orleans restaurant. To finish off his birthday he watched football til he went to bed. We were going to go to the Padre Islands but decided we would go when he had friends to enjoy it with. Or any family that feels the urge to come visit us (hint hint; we have an air mattress if that doesn't entice you). But overall we like it here, our apartments aren't the ritziest but hey whatev! I also wont have any pictures posted for at least a week because I am currently typing this post in the Coastal Bend Library and we haven't chosen a provider to hook us up yet.