Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome Ethan Phillip Garrett!

He's here!! Little Ethan Phillip was born on Labor Day (Sept 5) at 6:11 am weighing in at 8 lbs 7oz and 19 in long. The fun started at 6;30 am on Sunday the 4th when I thought my water broke. It wasn't a huge gush (sorry if too much info) so I didn't want to jump the gun and be sent home from the hospital for being too freaked out. So I went back to sleep for another hour and figured to be better safe than sorry so we got our little bag and made our way to the hospital. Needless to say, I was right and my water had broke. They got us all settled in and the delivery room was HUGE, I was very impressed. The only let down was there was only a loveseat couch in there so it was a little tight when Phil and mom wanted to take a nap. They started me on pitocin and I was started to feel the fun. I wanted to get the epidural for sure (im no hero here) but they wouldn't check me to see how far along I was because they didn't want infections. They would only check me when I got the epidural. It was annoying because what if i was only like a centimeter when they gave me the drugs...finally I went as long as I could and they gave me the epidural it was heavenly. i recommend them to everyone. So they checked me and I was at 3cm. ya im a wuss. So I took a nice nap and waited til 2am for them to come in and tell me I was fully dilated! Yay! I started pushing and between every contraction I took a little cat nap. The whole pushing thing was frusterating too bc I had no idea if I was progressing any. After two hours of pushing they told me I wasn't. haha damn. Apparently, he was face up and looking to the side and my tail bone was kinda blocking his way out. They said I could push for another 30 mins on all fours or I could get a c-section. haha I opted out of the pointless embarrassment and got ready for surgery. It was very weird not being about to move my whole bottom half but 30 min later he was out! It was so nice of my doctor too because she let Phil and my mom come in to see him be delivered! It has been so fun finally having him here, he is a little mini Phil! We are so blessed to be able to have him in our and even though it gets hard sometimes, we are so thankful to be able to start our family. We have more pictures to post but when we got to the operating room, mine and my moms cameras died to we had to use our cell phones.