Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So it has been a real long time since I have posted anything. And I feel bad because I feel like I'm neglecting my poor blog. We have since moved from Indianapolis and I was so happy to get out of there, it was just boring and humid. The drive was a little long, we stopped in Amarillo TX at this little motel that smelt kinda like Nana and Tata's old house and finished the drive on into New Mexico the next morning. I was kinda surprised we made such good time. So we are now in Albuturkey and it has been so fun. We've been here for a little over a week now and the weather is way nice. Phil hasn't quite gotten used to the monsoons. He called me one day while he was out selling and said he was drenched all the way down to his G's while having miniature snowballs (aka hail) hitting his head. Poor guy. We just barely got internet, but until we got it me and Alexis had just been sitting at our apartments watching movies all day. Which believe it or not got boring. And the only reason why I haven't started a book, mom, is because Breaking Dawn is coming out soon and I want to be ready for it. The area we live in is like a little oasis. We have everything in like a 5 mile radius from the mall, the movies, walmart, barnes and noble, chick-fil-a and much much more. And our ward is pretty nice too, Phil actually stays awake in Sunday school now. Sorry I don't have a video of our apartment yet, I just got internet so it will be just a bit later. We're excited to go to Texas, and even more excited to stop by Arizona for sure by the 23rd of Aug (Im trying to talk phil into leaving earlier). Oh and I have been wanting a puppy lately to take to Texas, I would prefer to have one of Chica's and Diego's because of that perfect round forehead of Dieg's but I'm easy to please. Well thats all I got to report. I'll try to be better at posting.