Friday, January 16, 2009

Just to add, the very first picture is from Halloween. I know it is way past Halloween, but I jsut figured that since I'm playing catch up I might as well add another one. In the picture are a couple from Canada named Denise and Russ. She's in my program and Russ and Phil go out and play golf every once in a while.

Better late then never...

I'm back! I haven't been very good at posting. We had the opportunity to go down to Arizona for a whole month for Christmas break! We don't know why the break was so long but we were not complaining. We finished up our finals on Dec. 16 and made the 16 hour drive from Texas back home, and if you can believe it we left at 5pm and drove through the night relying on Diet Coke and Rockstars. We were so happy to stay with my sister and her family in their guest home, they are so nice for letting us crash and stink up their room (our neighbors underneath us here smoke). I brought my camera and was planning on taking tons of picture but only took like 6 or 7. Christmas Eve was so fun, we ate our "homemade" pizzas, my moms homemade green chili and Serranos bean dip. Phil and I were in charge of the Christmas program this year and it was a great experience, but are excited for someone else to do it this year. Everyone did their little part and we finished up with watching the Nativity movie. This was Phils first year celebrating Christmas with our family so he got his first pair of pajama pants (which are soooo warm and he wears them every chance he gets), and we got a buck knife! Watch out Beeville! For New Years we hung out and watched the ball drop, by the time it was midnight it was just me, Phil and my dad mom was outside with Jess and her friend banging the pots in the middle of the street. Go mom! It was so fun seeing our friends again and just hanging out with our family! We were so sad to leave and can't wait to come back again after this semester! We're going to be there so often, everyone is going to be wishing we would just stay in Texas! Here are the only pictures I have. They were taken after we went and watched some singing at the Temple, if you're wondering why Taylor hair is drenched its because it was pouring rain and freezing while at the temple.