Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day/ Anniversary Weekend

So I'll just say right now that I have tons of pictures from this weekend, but lost the little cord that connects my camera to the computer, so when I put them on in like another 6 months just read back to today and it will all make sense. It's been really hard to get away this semester, Phil's taking 3 classes with the labs and I'm in my last semester and all my teachers are trying to cram nutrition, dental materials, ethics and contemporary in before National Boards on March 15th. So we are pretty busy, but Friday the 12th we got tickets to go to the San Antonio Rodeo with Foreigner playing afterwards. The rodeo was so fun and it is cool to see it all in person. There were tons of vendors and things to look at along with rides and stuff from the fair. I was a little nervous for the concert because I usually just go to concerts where I know the songs and I didn't think I knew any. Turns out I knew a couple of the 80's songs that rung a bell and it was so entertaining to watch this guy run around the stage with his tamborine acting like he did back in the day. He had on his skin tight pants and flowy shirt which made all the difference. Saturday we did lots of studying in the morning and then at night we went to the nicer restaurant in Beeville (which was pretty impressive considering it was here) and then opened our presents. We're both not very good at keeping presents until the actual holiday. I got Phil some chocolate covered strawberries, cream soda (his fav) and the new OneRepublic cd. He got me some fabulous chocolates and Time Travelers Wife, which we watched when we got home from dinner. On Valentines we went over to some friends house and had a little potluck of treats and watched the All Star Game and played games. Romantic I know. So today being our anniversary I had class this morning and Phil has class til like 8pm tonight. So I think I'm going to clean up around here and make a nice big dinner. I can't wait to be out of school (and have money) to make our anniversary a little bit more memorable haha. Anyways that is all I have for you, sorry about the lack of picture. Maybe I'll stumble upon the cord while I clean!