Monday, July 27, 2009

Keith Urban!

So heres a little update, nothing too exciting has happened since I last posted except we went to the Keith Urban concert!! We went for Dana's birthday and it was fabulous. We have all gone to see him before but couldn't miss a chance to see him again. Out seats were a little higher up but it was still amazing. We were a little disappointed when we bought the tickets because Sugarland was going to open for them and we aren't the biggest fans, but she backed out last minute to "save her voice" for something else. Lucky us, instead we heard from Sara Buxton and she was pretty good. My dad was saying that at one of Keiths other shows a man was holding up a sign that said "I'll let you kiss my wife if I can kiss yours", Keith jumped into the crowd and kissed his wife and then said "Good luck getting your end".  So, before the show you were able to send a text of whatever you want and it would show up on these 2 huge screens. People were saying "Keith I love you" or "Thanks mom for the tickets". Phil sent one saying "Keith I'll let you kiss my wife if you give me a guitar"...needless to say he didn't get a guitar and I never got my kiss. Taylor sent in one that said "Keith dump Nicole and marry me" and "Hey this is Keith Urban thanks for coming to my show" but none of hers made it on the screen. So overall it was a great night, her are some pictures!