Monday, July 25, 2011


Wow, I'm pretty bad at this. So much has happened since December! One I am pregnant!! I am 32 weeks right now soo i haven't posted obviously, we are having a little boy and naming him Ethan Phillip and he's due Sept 19. Everything has been going great throughout the pregnancy, but needless to say I am ready to be done! So since Christmas besides our little bundle of joy on his way, Phil got accepted to dental school here in San Antonio so we didn't have to move too far. I'm so grateful we got in to this school because we finally live close to a temple!! We are staying in a townhouse just down the street from the campus so Phil just rides his bike to school! He isn't too stressed out yet which I'm sure will change soon. Before we got all settled in here in San Antonio we got to go on a little vacation back in May after Phil got done with his semester in Corpus. We got to go on an AWESOME cruise to the Bahamas with my sister Dana and her husband Marshall. I had never been on one so I was absolutely blown away! We started in Miami and then took one day at sea, then Grand Turk, then Turks and Caicos and then Nassau. I loved being on a cruise pregnant bc I really didn't care the late night snacks and trying everything on the menu! We got to go on some excursions, the only thing I would change for our next vacation is to possibly not be pregnant haha. It kinda put a damper on some of the excursions bc prego girls can't do all the things that non prego girls can. Needless to say, I want to go again really soon! After the cruise we went to AZ for the month of June and just hung out with the fam! My mom and sisters through me a baby shower and I got so much cute stuff that made me that much more excited to meet my little man. hes going to be so cute! On the drive back to TX we stopped in El Paso for the night and got to hang out with Phil's sister Shelby an her cute little family. It was fun getting to see them again and we got to skype with Phils parents back in Michigan and it's always nice seeing them! The drive went by fast to me, only bc I slept like the whole way (i take so many naps these days :)) I felt bad when we got here because I couldn't really help unload anything because of my growing belly, I had to kinda just watch Phil take all the trips back and forth. So finally we are settled in, we got to go to our new ward and have met so many nice people. Phil is meeting new friends from school so its been fun! At my last appt at 28 weeks the doctor said he was 3 lb 8 oz and that he's like 9 days ahead of his weight. so at least he's growing as he should haha.I have another appt this Friday at 33 weeks and hopefully he's keeping his weight up! The sooner he comes out the better! I am so ready to finally meet him. Especially seeing all the other cute blogs with all the other girls just having their babies, I'M SO JEALOUS. Anyways here are some pictures from the cruise!